Get Involved

A gift most precious is time. Our program is made sustainable only because of your passion and commitment to be present.

Pet Therapy Team

Are you looking at volunteering opportunities that involves your precious pet? Volunteers are expected a commitment of once a month. Our pet therapy sessions are conducted on the first week of every month. Pets must be trained and possess good temperaments. 

Diversity Team

The diversity sessions are conducted once every quarterly and for the various festivities. Volunteers are expected to be resourceful and have a strong commitment to create the best international experience which are engaging and educational.

Wellness Team

Are you a therapist or coach looking at volunteering your time and expertise to help abused and neglected women and/or children? We require a commitment of at least once a month to foster trust, bonding and promote healing amongst the residents.

Career and Finance Advisory Team

Our finance mastery sessions are conducted on a quarterly basis so volunteers are expected a commitment of once every three months and regular meetings to discuss the content to be delivered.

Ad-Hoc Events

Are you looking at offering your expertise in a single session or host a party in a one-off event? Do contact us to discuss how we can facilitate the session in a way that works best for you as well as the residents.

Volunteer Application Form

As you will be dealing with vulnerable children and teenagers, we will appreciate it greatly if you could take the time to provide us with the following information to ensure the safety and security of those involved.

Thank you for your time! We will be contacting you soon :)