This Is Us

We are a group of diverse voluntary collaborators that are committed to help abused and neglected children and women residing in shelters experience love, joy and empowerment while gaining self-mastery and social capital through programs that are guided by the principles of growth, connection and significance.

We Do It Differently

We emphasise consistency and commitment because constant presence demonstrate genuine care and concern that lays the foundation of strong bonds with the children.

We may all be in the same room but work on different activities with different approaches. We embody flexibility and embrace chaos so as to acknowledge their diverse emotional states, energy level and abilities.

We see the women and children as strong survivors instead of victims, encourage them to step up, recognise the presence of choices and be proactive in shaping their future.

"We would like the women and children to understand that there is a starting point for self-discovery, that there is a support network that they can connect to and that their existence in this world can be a significant and happy one.” 
Juliana Johan and Dean Ng, Founders