Where Do You Want To Go?

In order to get to a destination by train, we need to know which train station to alight at. Our emotions are like train stations. If we...

How hard do you work to please others?

These are our three overworked furbabies after an evening of people pleasing...... they taught us that the best way to make others happy...

How Big Is Your Family?

In her speech many years back, a volunteer posed this question. How big is your family? The question has been stuck on my mind ever...

Awesome Communities of Care

Today, we are blessed to witness how a group of wonderful people constellate various segments of society for a common experience. It was...

Healing Touch: The Wellness Team

The loving touch and presence resonated so well with the kids that they look forward to every retreat session with The Wellness Team :)

'Tulang' and PoolBall Party

We hope the kids will form healthy habits, know that what is served is also a measure of love and will learn to treat themselves better.

Sugar Party: Keeping Healthy and Fit

Through this fun exercise of playing with sugar cubes, we hope to embed into their minds that sugar is unhealthy and is not considered food.

Swimmerse in A Waterfall of Balloons

What does it do for the children when we created a magical waterfall of white balloons for their birthday party?

Christmas Party: Zona Felice Style

The kids, they walk a little taller after the session. They radiated with so much confidence all because of the time and effort invested.

Deepavali with Bolly Dancing Studio

We celebrated Diwali this round in the presence of three angels from Bolly Dancing Studio and with a session of Rangoli street grafitti.