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The Exemplar of The Facilitators Project: Finance Advisory Team

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Our finance team is driven by two passionate and experienced individuals; May Yit and Sam. When they agreed to join us to form the Finance Advisory Team (FAT), we were over the moon!

You see, these two people are exactly the right fit for The Facilitators' Project because their focus is on the kids. When you focus on engaging the kids, your content and delivery naturally becomes exceptional. FAT understood from the start that the concepts were not the highlight, it is the engagement of the kids that determine the success of their sessions. FAT sessions are run on a quarterly basis. However, they did a lot of planning and prep work prior to every session. They brainstorm on the best ways to engage the kids; they brought in technology, resources and even designed their own games and activities. They calibrated the level of difficulty to ensure learning without overwhelm.

During their sessions, FAT managed to tie in financial concepts into their ipad games, created actual escape rooms, simulated a grocery store and designed their own board games. The shelter often ask when is FAT coming in again because the kids love them so much! The retention rate of the kids are also high because their learning is paired with elevated emotions. The kids are grateful that FAT has created a safe space for conversations about money and equip them with knowledge as well as tools on how to manage their finance and make better decisions.

It is evident how much they care about the kids especially when they end every session with their motivational quotes and encouraging words. Thank you so much May Yit and Sam for all the effort that you have put in thus far!


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