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Our Sports Team: Cornerstone of The Facilitators’ Project

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The Facilitators’ Project has been running for almost 3 years and we are now expanding our program into the second shelter. We could not have done it without heart-centred volunteers who gave their time and resources so unconditionally to make a difference to the children’s lives. Here we would like to highlight the phenomenal work of our Sports Team.

So what makes our Sports Team such a great one? Here are three reasons why the Sports Team has been so valuable to the success of The Facilitators’ Project.

1. They are fun and engaging

The Sports Team is deeply loved by every kid in the shelter because they bring fun to the next level. The kids always end the sessions with elevated emotions such as joy and freedom.Their games and activities enabled the kids to joyfully run amok where they experience a sense of freedom that are scarce in a shelter setting. As the kids’ participation in our sessions are voluntary, we see the highest number of participation during the sessions conducted by the Sports Team.

2. Heart-Centred Volunteers

We got acquainted with the Sports Team when we engaged them for one of our birthday parties where we had requested for a Bubble Bump session. They came and when they discovered what we do, they offered to conduct the session without any charges! Subsequently, they formed a separate team and became a cornerstone of The Facilitators’ Project as they unconditionally volunteered their time and resources to run sporting days for the children. They thoughtfully run each session well prepared without additional request of logistics that might potentially bog down the shelters. They are also never in a hurry and gave the kids as much time as possible to play to their hearts’ contend.

Equipments For a Typical Bubble Bump Session

3. Sports Expertise and Skilful Children Management

The Sports Team is under the guidance and advice of the team from Edusport Singapore, a training and sporting events management company. Their sessions at the shelter is always run with much professionalism, quality equipment and comprehensive safety considerations. They are able to manage kids of a wide range of age and abilities to get them to work harmoniously together. It was heartening to see them engage kids with special needs and get them into the flow with all the other children. They also pepper their briefing sessions with pointers on sportsmanship and teamwork which we truly appreciate. 

We truly cannot do enough to requite the awesome work done by the Sports Team and Edusport Singapore so here we would like to send them a billion thank you for being so supportive in this journey to empower the women and children.

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