Make Life Beautiful

Wellness Team

We are a team of therapists and coaches that serves to promote a sense of well-being and healing amongst the women and children through various modalities. The Wellness Team includes expertise and advisors from Real3ase and The Affirmative People who introduce a range of tools and skills for  self-mastery, EQ and empowerment.

“What we prioritise is engagement and the creation of elevated emotions such as joy, love, gratitude and freedom in every session.”

“We do it through trust, cooperation and unconditional love from volunteers with full understanding of the needs of the shelters and residents.”

Dog Hiking Team

Apart from providing unconditional love, the dogs serves as a bridge that build trust between volunteers and the women and children. During the sessions, they learn how to care for others and be responsible. The dogs are also the best teachers to teach optimism and appreciation of simple life pleasures.