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How Big Is Your Family?

In her speech many years back, a volunteer posed this question. How big is your family?

The question has been stuck on my mind ever since. Can we be more inclusive in our ideas about family? How far can we include others as we celebrate events within our respective privileged circles?

This Halloween, there were some volunteers that came to the shelter to show the kids what it means to be present. They went to great lengths despite their busy schedule to create an experience for the kids, like any parent would.

Dean Ng and Chris rented (and bought) costumes. They simulated The Leaky Cauldron serving sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and chemical-free Halloween snacks which they painstakingly prepared themselves. The kids delighted themselves in the visual effects; Harry Potter characters, witches’ fingers, gothic ice-cream and floating heads..

We also had a Hogwarts Imagination Classroom where the kids practised divergent thinking with Eugenia Yong and myself. We had a Scabbers-wannabe (our guinea pig, Rosa) in the classroom which made the kids glee in excitement. It was a step towards that Sir Ken Robinson had advocated — “Creativity is as important as literacy”. It feels good to see the kids fully engaging themselves thinking about the things they wanted to invent and explore what their minds can conjure up in a meditation exercise.

We also feel blessed to have Rowena Choo and David Thoo around to run the Hogwarts Hospital Wing where the kids could lay on the beds and be gifted with some magic touch. The kids feel so relaxed that some of them repeatedly waited and queued for their third round of spinal flow!

At the end of the day, we all went back satisfied that we’ve tried our best to give these kids a different experience and to show them that there are others who care enough about them to make their Halloween a special one. Thank you again dear volunteers from Real.Ease, The Affirmative People, All-Some Healing for making The Facilitators' Project Wellness initiative an awesome one!

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