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How hard do you work to please others?

These are our three overworked furbabies after an evening of people pleasing...... they taught us that the best way to make others happy is when you are just unconditionally happy yourself.

Their happiness is contagious, enough to bring light to just anyone, even those whose past are scarred with unspeakable atrocities.

Here are some insights for you:

Follow your heart; poo when you feel like pooing even when others are watching.

Maintain boundaries; be approachable yet respectable.. learn to show a little teeth when required.

Give love to everyone; the more you give, the more you have.

For those who have pets (and esp those who do pet therapy), do share what other insights have you got from them?

P/S Thank you Dean Ng and Chris for such a meaningful albeit ridiculously hectic The Facilitators' Project evening!


Also, look at our truly loveable Dexter Gentle Paws, where we adopted gentle Dexter, is selling calendars to raise funds for their shelter.. do check them out!


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