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Our Christmas Dialogue In The Dark

This year, we had the best Christmas ever.

The best kind of Christmas is one where we connect deeply with others around us, even if we had not gotten along well previously. It is one where we are given a precious gift that serves us meaningfully throughout the year, even if we think we had nothing else in our pockets. It is one where we recognise that the people whom we are impacting are the ones who enrich our lives significantly, even if we haven’t been as inclusive as we should have.

Our best Christmas at Dialogue in The Dark (DID) was made possible this year because of a kind sponsor and the collective effort of many. We believe strongly that initiating experiences are way better than showering the kids with gifts. Memorable moments and joyful experiences can never be taken away from them and it will tide them through their most difficult times.

The staff at DID managed our group with much professionalism and warmth. We are definitely not an easy bunch to manage as we have kids aged as young as four years old who are terrified of the dark, mouthy tweens who are still learning boundaries, teenagers who are non-compliant and adults who are apprehensive. The young ones were given the opportunity to experience the dark for a few minutes before they were led to a special session for pre-schoolers (yes, they have that!). The rest of us were facilitated into an amazing learning journey where we learnt to use our other senses and that people can thrive given the right environments even with what seemed as a disability. The sharing session with the team was movingly enlightening.

While dining in the dark, the kids poured water into glasses on their own. They enjoyed the food much more than they usually do, even broccolis. And they introduced themselves and engaged in conversation with their peers whom they usually deride. We had major overdose of fun especially towards the end where we got together and sang as a community. DID was thoughtful and thorough as they even prepared a gift pack for each of us.

We are so so grateful for this experience. Thank you PC and you, the kind sponsor; DID team especially Andrew and Laurina; Dr Carol and all the volunteers and staff who made this happen. Because of you, now we see more.

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