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A Session With The Singing Bowl Gallery

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

When we started our program at the second shelter, one of the first people we contacted was Christina Shiu from The Singing Bowl Gallery. We had some constraints when planning activities at the second shelter because not everyone can speak the same language. Music would be a great place to start, we thought. And Christina readily provided us with unconditional support so that we could use her studio and bring the women and children in for yet another enchanting experience.

When we arrived, Sarah, the facilitator for our session, welcomed us with comforting warmth and tenderness. Most of the women and children had never heard of a singing bowl and they were very excited to be able to tinker with the bowls. Nobody could hide their fascination of the soothing sounds produced out of the bowls. 

Sarah’s sound bath transported us out of this world into a peaceful and safe private realm. 

These are precious moments of peace where everyone could find their inner selves and gained some composure. Sarah also took the time to give each of us a personal massage using the vibrations of the singing bowls where some of us felt a release of tension and aches that has long co-existed in our bodies. The women and children also forged stronger bonds as we proceeded to heal each other using the sounds and vibrations of the bowls.

It is amazing how just one session could pull some out of their shells and give them a breath of fresh start. At the end of the session, we all left with a lightness of being and a deep sense of gratitude for the whole magical experience.

Do check them out at The Singing Bowl Gallery.

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