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Entrepreneurs’ Institute: Igniting Your Genius

We are so grateful to Roger Hamilton, Melanie Colling, Shah Hamzah and the team at Entrepreneurs’ Institute for their support. They had their Exponential 5.0 event in Singapore and some women from The Facilitators’ Project were warmly invited.

At first, there was much apprehension over participation in the event because it would be held at The Fullerton Hotel and the whole event seems to be out of reach and intimidating, even for some of the staff. The women felt that they may be out of place, not able to fit in and may return home with a sense of inadequacy or shame. They did not think that they belonged or were good enough to be amongst the entrepreneurs. It took some coaxing and reassurance and finally they agreed to participate. This was one of our biggest win as we have always strived to get them out of their comfort zone, disrupt their victimhood mentality and to see themselves as significant members of society.

Shah ensured that everything was smooth sailing for us from the start including making arrangements to ensure confidentiality of the identities of the women registered. Roger’s team was ready to offer every support possible to make it happen and to give these women an awesome experience. Melanie was also there to add to the bubbly atmosphere and showered everyone with her love. Both Shah and Melanie presented a huge dose of human touch to the event and we are blessed to know them.

During the workshop, the women fitted in so seamlessly. They listened intently as Roger spoke on stage so engagingly. His words are nuggets of wisdom and they started to see how they can take charge and start creating a life that they desire; even thinking 10 years ahead. Their interest was evident because they had lots of questions after the event and wanted to learn more. Roger’s system of the four different energies and his framework to better understand their genius within resonated greatly. It gave them valuable insights that are empowering and they eagerly shared these new knowledge with others. Now, these women could see how the environment would impact their children and how to equip their children so that their children too could be future ready. Now, these women know that it is safe to be out there to learn and network, that they are no less than anyone else.

We are excited to announce that the women would be taking tiny steps and start their business in the coming months. Entrepreneurs’ Institute has indeed created a ripple of heartwarming great changes. A billion thank you and may the team be blessed abundantly.

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