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Swimmerse in A Waterfall of Balloons

Could you imagine how magical it was for the children when we created a waterfall of white balloons as the highlight for our birthday party?

2140. That is the magic number of balloons we had filled this Saturday. The balloons were the perfect gift from the kind people at Swimmerse and we were so elated. Our five volunteers decided to make the best out of the balloons and took on the amazing feat of making it all happen within the span of only a few hours. They skipped their dinner just to ensure that they could produce enough balloons to fill the room in time for the party.

The end effect was simply magical! The kids stood in a row and waited for us to give them the green light to play with the balloons. We counted down together in anticipation and when we released the line that held the balloons in place, the kids watched with great awe; a waterfall of white balloons. They were spellbound. Their giggles and screams came as they began to burst the balloons and as they found the special gifts that were hidden within some of the balloons.

Parties are a great investment because those are the times when the kids are most receptive to learning. Before they were allowed into the room filled with balloons, they were led to a session where they were given a balloon each and had to release the air from the balloons slowly. It symbolises the letting go of their worries in a less destructive manner. This also helps to get them familiar with balloons and the sound of balloons popping. They drew themselves and imagined letting their worries go akin to letting go of helium balloons. We chose not to release balloons into the air because we knew of the effects of stranded balloons to marine life.

The perfect teaching moment came after all the balloons were burst. When the adrenaline and excitement had waned, the kids started to report that their hands and legs hurt after bursting all the balloons. It was only then that we reminded them of the nature of explosive actions that could hurt others and themselves. How they handle the balloons is similar to how they manage their emotions. If they allow and actively partake in emotional outbursts, they would hurt others and themselves. When the kids receptively nodded in full understanding, we knew we had hit the jackpot.

Birthday Cake Carefully Curated and Sponsored by Anne

Most importantly, the gals whose birthdays fall within this month felt special and that they formed beliefs that they too are significant and loved. And this kept us going in our attempts to plan meaningful and extraordinary birthday parties month after month.

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