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Christmas 2018: Santa works in Emack & Bolio's

Some people think that Santa is not real. We think he exists in many forms.

Sometimes, he comes across the water from Malaysia and into Singapore bringing along a heavy freezer full of tubs of premium ice-cream and fanciful cones to satisfy eager kids.

Emack & Bolio's, we are truly in gratitude this Christmas because you showed us what true humanity is. At a time where everything is seemingly about dollars and cents, you came unconditionally to serve. You patiently stood by us for hours despite having to rush off for others. You made the kids feel extra extra special because they became the first connoisseurs here to savour your selections even before you officially establish your store in Singapore. Your welcoming smiles and generous joyful giving made everything tastes heavenly.

To Emack & Bolio's, Vincent and Team, a deep deep thank you.

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