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Christmas Party: Zona Felice Style

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Dear Zona Felice Team

We have much appreciation for your contribution this Christmas. We know how much effort you put in to ensure quality in your gifts. We know how much time you have spent planning for this months before the event. We know how big your intention was to engage the kids fully.

You courageously stood on stage to perform. You captivated the kids with your martial arts and dance performances so much so that they crowded around you during dinner asking to be taught how to dance.

You paid attention to the kids during the ice-breaker games so you know who needed more encouragement and who could shine on their own.

You provided the younger kids with plenty of fabric markers of a multitude of colours so that they can decorate their own t-shirt and bring their imagination to life. You were patient with every kid and engaged them in every way imaginable.

You imparted self-grooming skills to the older kids and then guided them as they have a hand at doing their own make-up and hair. You increased their self-acceptance as you encouraged them to look in the mirror and work on themselves.

The kids, they walk a little taller after the session. They radiated with so much confidence so much so that they were able to showcase and celebrate themselves on the runway that you’ve created.

The session ended with the kids carrying a Santa bagful of goodies, personal fabric markers and a notebook that has a personal lock code so that they can pen their emotions in their own safe space.

The Beautiful Team from Zona Felice

These are a testament to your thoughtfulness.

Thank you again, Zona Felice Team. Whatever you did, it was done beautifully.

You can check them out here: http://www.zonafelice.com.sg

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