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Deepavali with Bolly Dancing Studio

Even before the month was over, the kids always made it a point to clearly tell us that their birthday month was coming next. ‘I can’t wait for my birthday to come next month and see what you have got planned! You have to let me know when the party will be held so that I won’t go out with my dad that day’..

One of our goals was to tie in the birthday parties with cultural immersion and this round, it had to be something related to Diwali. Bolly Dancing Studio sent three angels and our party started with a super lively session of Bollydazz. The kids and adults alike were grooving to the fast paced Bolly music.

Forty-five minutes later, the kids did not want to stop but we somehow found ourselves standing in awe around the peacock cake that Wendy had graciously sponsored. That cake along with the Indian sweets that the dance instructors had brought along disappeared in no time.

Then we had those kids scrambling over chalk and petals for the Rangoli session we had planned. The kids went wild with creativity; their designs may not be the Rangoli patterns we had in mind. Some kids were throwing petals into the air while others got on the floor frantically collecting the petals to form a concrete shape. It was thoroughly entertaining to watch them. Our Rangoli session morphed into a street grafitti session and we love it!

Lesson of the day: When we let go of the outcome, the process becomes more enjoyable.


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